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I met Ana, from Loving Start Lactation Services, when my husband and I attended a breastfeeding class she taught a few weeks before our son was born. I was already calling her the second day of my son's life when my son was struggling latching on and everyone around me, except my mother, was telling me to just give him formula. My son cried non-stop and, needless to say, I felt constantly exhausted and wanted to quit breastfeeding. 

Shortly after my discharge from the hospital, I met with Ana for a consultation When my father picked me up after the appointment, he said "you look like another person". I did, indeed, feel like another person after meeting with Ana, because I felt relief after she shared so much of her knowledge with me. My son had severe reflux, milk allergies and torticollis, so I continued to communicate with Ana via email and phone calls, in addition to follow up consultations. She was there to answer my questions and address my concerns. When we struggled with thrush, Ana gave me the only home remedy that worked after what the pediatrician and my gynecologist had given me did not work. When the gastroenterologist told me I should stop breastfeeding and switch to formula, she helped me research the options so I could make an informed decision.

I feel I have a very special relationship with Ana and she has made it possible for me to continue breastfeeding for 13 months (so far). Breastfeeding has been one of the most special experiences I have had in my life. During this time, I have realized the ignorance that exists out there about breastfeeding and how glad I am that Ana is out there educating others.

You can tell that Ana has a genuine passion for this work and is committed to seeing moms succeed at breastfeeding without being judgmental if a mother feels like she wants to stop (believe me, I  wanted to quit many times). 

I recommend Loving Start Lactation Services to any mom out there.

Ana, Marcos’ mom