After having a horrible first two weeks of breastfeeding, we made an appointment with Ana, where she identified my son's tongue-tie. She educated us on the long-term issues, as well as the procedure, and provided us with evidence-based research on the topic to aid us in the decision-making process. As a physician assistant, I truly appreciated the evidence- based approach instead of simply providing an opinion based on personal experience. I was relieved that someone took the time to watch my son nurse and recognize that I was truly in pain. I wanted to give up on my desire to breastfeed, but Ana encouraged me to press on and get the tongue-tie release. My son had the procedure and he has been breastfeeding ever since! It has been a bumpy road at times, but Ana has been available by phone, email and by appointment during the entire process.

Nicolette, Lincoln's mom

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Before Your Consultation:
If you have made an appointment for a lactation consultation, you will need to fill out the Consent/Intake form (linked below) before you can be seen. If you are not able to print/fill out the form at home, please arrive 15 minutes early to have time to fill it out at the office. This will ensure that your consultation can start with as little delay as possible.

Additionally, it is best if your baby is neither too hungry nor too full at the start of the consultation. It is not necessary to time the feeding perfectly with the consultation; however, if, based on your baby's feedings the day of the appointment, you think there's a chance your baby will be very hungry by the time you arrive at the office, please offer a feeding about 1 hour before your appointment time.