When my daughter, Grace, was two months old, she began screaming and choking at the breast and ultimately would only eat well when she was very sleepy. It was exhausting! My husband, my mom, and I had been researching online and had pretty much determined I had overactive letdown and began a few weeks of trying web suggestions. After a few weeks without much change or improvement we found Loving Start Lactation Services. Ana discovered that Grace had a tongue restriction, and per her  suggestion, we had Grace’s frenulum clipped. Throughout the process, Ana lovingly led me through the  pros and cons with articles and research, and took most of my first time mommy fears away. She never made me feel rushed or that I was inconveniencing her with questions or concerns.

After the minor procedure, we saw dramatic improvements within the first week. Ana suggested we rent a baby scale to make sure her milk transfer and weight gain was sufficient, which it was, thankfully. This put my mind at ease tremendously because Grace had been on the verge of not gaining enough weight.

Our breastfeeding journey had a difficult start and I don't believe we could have  continued without the help of Loving Start Lactation Services. If you are debating whether it is worth the money on a consultation, it will be the best money you can spend.

Grace is now a healthy, happy, walking, talking, breastfeeding machine at 13 months.
Thank you Miss Ana. We love you!

Tiffany, Grace’s mom

UPDATE: Grace's mom had two other babies Jayce and Josiah, who also came to see us, and went on to become breastfeeding champs, like their sister!

Call for a lactation consultation if you have...

  • sore or damaged nipples
  • worries about her baby getting enough milk
  • left the hospital supplementing with formula
  • past breast surgeries (implants or reductions)
  • flat or inverted nipples
  • questions about pumping and/or continuing to breastfeed after returning to work
  • someone telling you you "can't" breastfeed
  • concerns or barriers that are preventing you from enjoying breastfeeding
  • considered weaning because you are overwhelmed, even though you want to breastfeed

Call for a lactation consultation if your baby is...

  • having difficulty latching on consistently
  • not gaining weight as expected
  • not wetting 6-8 diapers or having 3 or more
    bowel movements every 24 hrs. by one week old

  • refusing the breast (instead cries or sleeps)
  • fussing, pulling and/or choking at the breast
  • being supplemented with formula
  • unable to lift or stick out his/her tongue (possible

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