Loving Start Lactation Services is an in-network provider for Aetna.

For Aetna members, your insurance will be billed for the consultation and there will be no out-of-pocket cost to you (pending your plan verification).

Fee for Service
At this time, Aetna is the only insurance company that credentials IBCLCs as in-network providers. For self-pay (non-Aetna) clients, payment is expected at the end of the consultation. Payment can be made in cash, or by credit card. Self-pay clients will receive an itemized receipt that can be submitted to their insurance company for reimbursement consideration. Reimbursement by insurance providers is not guaranteed, but filing by the client is encouraged.

Lactation Consultation: $150
Follow-up Consultation: $100
Pumping Consultation: $75
Back-to-Work Consultation: $100

Cancellation Policy:
Your consultation time has been reserved just for you. If you must cancel your appointment, we ask for a minimum 12 hour advanced notice. Late cancellations (with less than 12 hours' notice) and/or no-shows who wish to reschedule will be required to leave a 50% deposit at the time of rescheduling.

Loving Start Lactation Services does not give refunds for services rendered.

All consultations take place in my office located at:

301 NW 179th Avenue, Suite 102, Pembroke Pines, FL 33029

Lactation Consultation (1.5 to 2 hrs)

  • education, support and answers
  • detailed history of maternal and infant health and breastfeeding experience
  • physical assessment of mother's breasts and baby's oral anatomy
  • baby weight check, including pre- and post-feeding weights
  • hands-on assistance throughout one entire feeding
  • personalized breastfeeding care plan
  • a report to the mother's physician and/or baby's pediatrician
  • follow-up care via phone or email

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Follow-up Consultation
(1 to 1.5 hrs) - may be necessary if dealing with complex issues

  • assessment of progress
  • baby weight check, including pre- and post-feeding weights
  • re-evaluation and updating of care plan

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Pumping Consultation (45 min to 1 hr)

  • flange sizing to maximize comfort
  • pumping technique to maximize output
  • pump vacuum check

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Back-to-Work Consultation(1 to 1.5 hrs)

  • history of maternal and infant health and breastfeeding experience
  • easing mother's return to work
  • customized information about pumping and bottle feeding
  • maintaining milk production

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Phone/FaceTime/Skype consultations available for back-to-work, introducing solids and weaning.
$75 and up, depending on time spent


Being a medical professional in the obstetric field, it was no surprise to me that I, like so many others, was experiencing sore, injured nipples and engorgement after the birth of my baby. My pediatrician instructed me (insisted, really) to see a lactation consultant after my one week visit with her because of my obvious frustration and the  pain I was experiencing. Ana saw me the very same day and the session was priceless.  Without her expert instruction and guidance, I doubt that I could have   continued breastfeeding. She taught me the  laid-back position, provided me with a care plan to heal my injured nipples and resolve the engorgement, and gave me the encouragement and confidence to continue my nursing efforts.

I absolutely fell in love with the laid-back technique; not only did it eradicate my neck and back pain but it initiated an incredible bonding experience between me and my daughter that I will always cherish.Thank you, Loving Start Lactation Services; you’ve made all the difference in the world!

Traci, Lily's mom