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    Call for a lactation consultation if you have...

  • sore or damaged nipples
  • worries about her baby getting enough milk
  • left the hospital supplementing with formula
  • past breast surgeries (implants or reductions)
  • flat or inverted nipples
  • questions about pumping and/or continuing to breastfeed after returning to work
  • someone telling you you "can't" breastfeed
  • concerns or barriers that are preventing you from enjoying breastfeeding
  • considered weaning because you are overwhelmed, even though you want to breastfeed

    Call for a lactation consultation if your baby is...

  • having difficulty latching on consistently
  • not gaining weight as expected
  • not wetting 6-8 diapers or having 3 or more
    bowel movements every 24 hrs. by one week old

  • refusing the breast (instead cries or sleeps)
  • fussing, pulling and/or choking at the breast
  • being supplemented with formula
  • unable to lift or stick out his/her tongue (possible tongue-tie)