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Clients' Stories

My son Tristan was 3 weeks old
and dealing with jaundice when
I decided to get help from
Loving Start Lactation Services.
My baby's pediatrician had suggested I supplement with formula, but I really wanted to exclusively breastfeed and knew that my milk would decrease once I started supplementing with formula.  Ana was helpful from the minute I called her. She weighed the baby before and after feedings so that I knew exactly how much he took. It helped to alleviate my fears and now he's 9 months old and we're still going strong. Tristan is a happy, healthy, growing child.

Anne, Tristan's mom
• • •

The first few days of my nursing relationship with my daughter were full of stress, confusion, and self-doubt. I feel very fortunate that I got the most meaningful help of my life on day 6 of this struggle. When Ana observed the problem she immediatly knew what would help and the "laid-back" breastfeeding approach she suggested allowed my baby to transfer 3 oz of milk in 12 minutes! Thank you Ana for making this possible!

Giselle, Natalia's mom

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As a practicing pediatrician
and mother of three, you would think that I would not need to
seek the help of a lactation consultant. Sadly, today, being
a pediatrician doesn’t mean that you know everything about breastfeeding. Ana has been a wonderful resource during this experience. Not only did she provide answers to the immense amount of questions but she also provided support and motivation when I needed it. She has definitely made a big difference. I would recommend Loving Start Lactation Services
to new moms as well as
experienced breastfeeding moms,
since every baby is different.
I will forever be thankful!!!

Nicole, Gabriel’s mom

• • •

I met Ana when my son was around 5 weeks old. 

After observing me nurse my son, Ana was able to identify the additional problems that were also contributing to his reflux discomfort (oversupply, forceful letdown). Ana showed me a new position to try and offered some tips on how to help with the forceful letdown. I went home and was able to nurse my son without him screaming for the first time in weeks! I finally felt hope that we’d be able to make it through! Ana also followed up with me to make sure that things were going okay. Months later, when I went in for a follow-up consultation without my son to talk to Ana about a milk supply issue, I was blown away by her sincere and genuine care for my whole person. She knew I was stressed and sleep deprived and she took time to encourage me as a mother--another testament
to how intuitive Ana is and how much she cares about both
mom and baby.

It was a long journey, but I can honestly say I would not have had the experience of nursing my son for 16 months, despite his reflux, dairy, soy and veggie sensitivities and my over and undersupply, without the blessing of Loving Start Lactation Service’s help!

Bekkah, Soren’s mom

Loving Start Lactation Services
helped me establish a successful nursing relationship with my daughter, Lily, by getting us off the nipple shield in just one visit, whenshe was only days old! She is now seven months and still breastfeeding!

I am now back at work, and I really appreciate all the back to work info shared with me.
Thank you so much!

Jenny, Lily’s mom